Financial Assistance Program

Sometimes it's hard to pay your hospital bill, especially if you've spent a lot of time there as a patient.

UNC Lenoir Health Care offers a Financial Assistance Program to help patients who may not have the ability to pay all or part of their hospital bill.

How Does Financial Assistance Work?

You'll be told about financial assistance opportunities when you talk to a financial counselor, or in writing during your billing and collections process.

The Financial Assistance Policy Summary is available at all main patient entrances and registration areas of the hospital. You may also contact the Patient Financial Services Department at 252-522-7689 and request a copy.

Applying for Financial Assistance

If you're interested in applying for financial assistance, you'll need to complete an application. Our Patient Account Liaison offers application assistance at the hospital.

Application Period

The application period is the length of time UNC Lenoir Health Care will accept and process an application and begins on the date of hospital service and continues for 240 days (8 months) after your first post-discharge billing statement for hospital care.

Patient Account Liaison

Our Patient Account Liaison (PAL) is a professionally trained financial counselor who is available to assist you with your financial and billing questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact the PAL for assistance with information on programs that can help with your medical finances if you do not have health insurance.

How is Financial Assistance Calculated?

Financial Assistance is calculated on a sliding scale based on the most recently published Federal Poverty Guidelines published in the Federal Register each year, and the number of people in the household sharing the same income.

UNC Lenoir Health Care's sliding scale discounts are for patients whose household income falls below 250% of the federal poverty guidelines. Household assets are also considered.

Patients are requested to complete a brief application and provide evidence of income (W-2, tax returns, etc). Patients that are eligible for financial assistance may not be charged more than the amount generally billed for emergency or other medically necessary care.

Presumptive Financial Assistance Eligibility

In an effort to identify patients that may be eligible for assistance, UNC Lenoir Health Care utilizes a Presumptive Financial Assistance screening.

Subsidized Housing Eligibility

Patients who live in public-assisted facilities, thereby meeting qualification criteria for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), may also qualify for Financial Assistance. Subsidized Housing Eligibility will be determined based on the patient's address as listed in the Hospital's Financial Information System.

Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid is a state health insurance program for low­ income persons and families who cannot afford health care costs. Determination for Medicaid is made by the state Department of Social Services (DSS). In North Carolina, DSS has set income limits for all programs at levels lower than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, compared to UNC Lenoir Health Care's income limit of 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify as Financially Indigent (and thus FAP-Eligible). Therefore, non-covered Services resulting in patient liability after Medicaid payment may qualify for Financial Assistance.

Medical Indigence: Alternative Assistance

Patients who do not qualify for Financial Assistance at 100% of billed charges may be considered for Medical Indigence.

Medical Indigence is determined when patients' medical expenses for one year exceed 20% of their family's total income before taxes, and total household assets are not sufficient to cover the expense without the use of assets critical to living or earning a living (home, car, savings designated specifically for retirement, 401k).

Medicaid Qualifications

Patients that qualify for Medicaid based on North Carolina Department of Social Services criteria may also be eligible for financial assistance for non-covered services. Patients' eligibility may also be determined based on information from outside agencies and independent credit bureau reports to estimate income and to otherwise assist in the Financial Assistance determination process.

Services Not Applicable to Financial Assistance

UNC Lenoir Health Care's Financial Assistance Policy does not apply to any services provided by the following hospital-based providers that may deliver emergency or other medically necessary care in the hospital facility:

  • American Anesthesiology
  • Lenoir County Ambulance Billing Service
  • Kinston Physician Group, PLLC (Emergency Room Physicians)
  • Kinston Pathology Associates
  • Eastern Radiologists, Inc.
  • Vidant Medical Group (Hospitalist Services)
  • Down East Medical Supply.
  • UNC Physician's Network

Need Help with Your Bill?

Contact Financial Counselors and / or the Patient Account Liaison for help with your bill, or learn more about applying for the UNC Lenoir Health Care Financial Assistance Program.

  • Patient Account Liaison: 252-522-7689
  • Financial Counseling: 252-522-7597, 252-522-7915
  • En Español: 252-522-7035

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