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Published on June 18, 2019

The UNC Lenoir Acute Stroke Provider of the Year Award was developed to recognize the provider who most consistently meets the recognized care metrics in treating acute stroke.  For 2018, the award was presented to Chris Wright, PA of the Emergency Department.  Chris provided leadership  and care for a total of five code stroke patients who received thrombolytics over the course of the year.  In all five cases, all of the quality stroke care metrics were met.  Chris also led the team who won the Wake Forest Baptist “Door to Needle” Challenge award with a time of 27 minutes which still stands as the fastest time in the network.  Chris is known to work very efficiently and thoroughly as he evaluates patients who present with stroke like symptoms.  Wake Forest Baptist providers commented that Chris “provides clear and accurate history and assessment of presentation allowing an efficient consultation for the stroke patient”.   We are fortunate to have Chris on our team, providing care for our patients.