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Turn to the experienced urology specialists at UNC Lenoir Health Care to diagnose and treat your kidney, bladder, ureter, and prostate conditions. You’ll receive top-quality care from compassionate, board-certified urologists with decades of experience.

Urologic and Men’s Health Conditions We Treat

Find care for a range of urologic and men’s health conditions, including:

You’ll also find care for minor pediatric urological conditions.

Services We Provide

Receive advanced procedures and treatments at UNC Lenoir, such as:

  • Cystoscopy – Examines the bladder and urethra
  • GreenLight™ Laser therapy – Treats benign prostate enlargement
  • Lithotripsy – Breaks up kidney stones using sound waves
  • Lupron and Eligard injections – Addresses symptoms of prostate cancer
  • Prostate biopsies – Identifies prostate cancer
  • Testosterone injections and Testopel insertions – Supplements or replaces natural testosterone
  • Ultrasound – Identifies causes of urinary blockage
  • Uroflow testing – Explores causes of slow or weak urination, a weakened bladder, or an enlarged prostate
  • Vasectomy – Blocks and seals the tubes that carry semen to the penis

Find a Urologist

Search UNC Lenoir Health Care's network of doctors for a urologist. Or call 252-522-7000 for help finding a provider.