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Depend on the board-certified rheumatologist at UNC Lenoir Health Care to detect and treat conditions affecting the muscles, tendons, and joints.

Conditions We Treat

Find care for autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions, such as:

Rheumatic & Specialty Doctors

Rheumatic conditions are complex and may require many UNC Lenoir specialty doctors to work together for your best possible outcome. Count on your UNC Lenoir rheumatologist to collaborate with the rest of your care team to help you get the best care.

Services & Treatments

Get relief from your rheumatic symptoms—such as pain, swelling, and stiffness—and prevent your disease from progressing with services at UNC Lenoir. Partner with your rheumatologist to create a personalized treatment plan. Your plan may include:

  • Anti-inflammatory, pain, and antirheumatic medications to treat your symptoms
  • Infusion therapy to deliver medication through your veins
  • Laboratory and imaging tests to measure your symptoms
  • Prevention and self-management strategies, such as weight loss, physical activity, eating healthy, and quitting smoking
  • Rehabilitation services to maintain and restore function

Find a Rheumatologist

Search UNC Lenoir Health Care’s network of doctors for a rheumatologist. Or call 252-522-7000 for help finding a provider.

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