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Please be aware that mask-wearing is required at all UNC Health facilities.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

When you stay in the hospital after an amputation, hip fracture, or stroke, you’ll receive physician care and rehabilitation services. Your rehabilitation program at our inpatient Rehabilitation Center will include three hours of daily therapy to help you recover as much function and movement as possible. Your family member or caregiver also will receive training to help after you leave the hospital.



Your Inpatient Rehabilitative Therapy Team

Get care from therapists who have advanced training and experience to identify and treat your condition. Your skilled rehabilitation team may include:

  • Rehabilitation doctors
  • Rehabilitation nurses
  • Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants
  • Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants
  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Rehabilitation psychologists
  • Dietitians

Expect coordinated care between your rehabilitation team and referring or primary care doctor.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Accommodations

Take advantage of a large inpatient rehabilitation room with extra space for your specialized therapy or assistive equipment. You’ll have access to an activity room, dining room, and modern facilities and equipment to aid in your therapy and healing.

Feel more comfortable with your ability to do everyday activities before you go home with practice in an independent living apartment with your family members.

Acute Inpatient Therapy

As a hospital patient at UNC Lenoir, you may be a candidate for acute inpatient therapy. You’ll partner with one or more of our physical, occupational, or speech therapists for short daily sessions. The goal of acute inpatient therapy is to help assess your needs for when you leave the hospital and create a follow-up treatment plan.

Smart Moves=Safe Patient Movement

You’ll appreciate the Smart Moves patient positioning system during your hospital stay at UNC Lenoir. Smart Moves allows staff to move you safely with special equipment to reduce your risk of injury.

Ask for a Referral for Rehabilitation Services

You’ll need a doctor’s referral for physical, occupational, or speech therapy at UNC Lenoir Health Care. Talk to your doctor for more information.

Make a Referral

To make a rehabilitation services referral for your patient, call a referral coordinator:

Inpatient referrals – 252-522-7785

Outpatient referrals – 252-522-7919