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Please be aware that mask-wearing is required at all UNC Health facilities.

Infusion Therapy

nurse and patient for infusion therapyReceive medicine or nutrients through a vein in your body with infusion therapy at UNC Lenoir Health Care in Kinston, North Carolina. You might receive infusion therapy if you need:

Excellent Nursing Care

You can expect more attention and education about your infusion therapy because of our low nurse-to-patient ratio. With decades of experience, our nurses have the knowledge and skills to give you the best possible care. That’s one reason our patients consistently report high satisfaction.

Private Rooms

Whenever possible, you’ll receive infusion therapy in a private room for your comfort.

Infusion Therapy Appointments

If your doctor orders infusion therapy, he or she will schedule an appointment for you. For more information about infusion therapy, call 252-522-7906.