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Imaging & Radiology

imaging and radiologyRely on the highly qualified radiology staff at UNC Lenoir Health Care when you need an imaging test in Kinston, North Carolina. We’ll help schedule your care at a time that’s convenient for you—day or evening for most exams. And take comfort in knowing diagnostic services are always available during an emergency.

Imaging Tests

Visit UNC Lenoir for top-quality imaging technology:

  • CT scan – Sends an X-ray beam around a certain area of the body to create 3D images of your internal organs; UNC Lenoir helps you get a CT scan as quickly as possible during stroke symptoms
  • Fluoroscopy – Shows real-time, moving X-ray images, similar to a movie instead of a photograph
  • MRI – Uses powerful magnets and radio waves, not radiation
  • Nuclear medicine scan – Relies on special cameras and tiny amounts of radioactive tracers that you receive via injection
  • PET scan – Uses radioactive tracers to show how well certain organs and tissues work
  • Ultrasound – Sends painless sound waves over the skin and into tissues, organs, or blood vessels

Learn about the specific heart and vascular imaging tests. If you’re a current or former heavy smoker, ask your doctor about our low-dose CT lung cancer screening and other respiratory and pulmonary care.

Reducing Radiation Exposure

Trust UNC Lenoir to protect your safety by using the lowest radiation dose possible for any test. Our digital technology helps reduce the radiation you receive.

Prepare for Your Test

After scheduling an imaging exam, you’ll get preparation instructions. Follow them to help ensure a safe, successful test.

Get Copies of Exam Results

Request copies of your images on a CD before you leave UNC Lenoir by visiting the Health Information System (HIS) department. You’ll have to show a valid ID and sign an authorization form to get your records.

Contact Us

Call 252-522-7088 to ask about scheduling or preparing for an imaging test. Send faxes to 252-522-7167.