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Diabetes Care & Education

Build the skills you need to manage your diabetes through positive changes in your lifestyle, including healthy eating and moving more, by working with our experts at UNC Lenoir Health Care.

Conditions You Can Get Help For

You may benefit from diabetes care and education if you have one of four diabetic conditions:

  • Pre-diabetes – Blood sugar that is higher than normal increases your risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Type 1 diabetes – Little to no insulin produced by the pancreas
  • Type 2 diabetes – Reduced amount of insulin produced by the pancreas or isn’t used adequately by the body
  • Gestational diabetes – Increased blood sugar triggered by pregnancy

Accredited Programs for Your Diabetes Education Needs

Diabetes education certification

Turn to our free diabetes education program for guidance and support in living a healthier, more active life as an adult. You can feel confident in the quality of our teachings because the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES), the nation’s leading association for diabetes education, accredits the program.

You’ll learn about the ADCES's seven key recommendations for effective self-care when living with diabetes:

  • Stay active.
  • Make healthy eating choices.
  • Take medication reliably.
  • Monitor your blood glucose levels.
  • Solve problems related to high and low glucose levels and sick days.
  • Reduce your risk of diabetes-related complications.
  • Learn healthy coping strategies.

Tools to Improve Your Self-Care

You’ll appreciate our classes, ongoing one-on-one access to certified diabetes educators, and emphasis on exercise and healthy eating. Our programs are open to any adult with a diabetic condition who has a doctor’s referral.

Diabetes Education Program

Learn about effective self-care, manage your weight, and improve your A1C level through a series of classes over six months. You’ll start with an assessment of your existing skills, medications, and blood sugar patterns.

In addition to attending classes, once referred by your provider, make appointments with an educator and phone her as needed.

Meet your physical activity goals with a free membership at the Minges Wellness Center, with your doctor’s approval. And you can turn exercise into a family affair at the community walking track on the UNC Lenoir campus, which also features a playground area and picnic pavilion.


Medical Nutrition Therapy

Your doctor may refer you to our Medical Nutrition Therapy program to help you make the eating and lifestyle changes you need to manage diabetes. In this fee-based program, you’ll work with a certified diabetes educator, a registered dietitian, and other group members for six months to learn how to make the ADCES's seven recommended self-care behaviors a part of your everyday life.

Pre-Diabetes Education

If your doctor diagnoses you with pre-diabetes, partner with us to reduce your likelihood of developing the condition. Our educators will help you make changes to your lifestyle that may prevent diabetes.

Locations for Diabetes Self-Management Education

You can attend Diabetes Wellness classes at the Minnie P. Stackhouse Diabetes Center at UNC Lenoir Health Care, or at the Kinston Community Health Center (KCHC). The KCHC is also where you’ll find classes on gestational diabetes.

Live Well with Diabetes Support

Connect and learn to live better with other people who have diabetes. Join the Diabetes Support Group.

Manage Your Diabetes Better

Learn how to manage Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Ask your doctor to refer you to diabetes care and education at UNC Lenoir Health Care. Call 252-522-7616 to get started.

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