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Published on October 04, 2019

patient nurse Cancer Care

When you’re fighting cancer, partner with UNC Lenoir Health Care for experienced, compassionate care. You’ll benefit from the expert cancer specialists and advanced treatments at our Cancer Center close to your home near Kinston, North Carolina.

UNC Lenoir is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer which means key elements of quality cancer care are provided to each person treated in our program such as:

  • Comprehensive, patient-centered care through a multidisciplinary team approach
  • Access to information on clinical trials and new treatment options
  • Ongoing monitoring of care and lifelong patient follow-up
  • Psycho-social support and survivorship care
  • Continuous quality improvements in patient care

Cancers We Treat

Turn to UNC Lenoir’s cancer team to treat the most common types of cancer, including:

Rest assured you’ll receive high-quality, comprehensive cancer care, treatment, and support throughout your cancer journey. At UNC Lenoir, our patient-centered approach to care means you’re an important part of the cancer care team. Work with your doctors and nurses to get answers to your questions, address your concerns, and make important decisions about your care and treatment.

Cancer Care Specialists

Your experienced and specially trained UNC Lenoir cancer care team may include:

  • Medical oncologist – Diagnoses and treats your cancer with chemotherapy or immunotherapy
  • Radiation oncologist – Treats your cancer with radiation
  • Oncology nurse – Administers your cancer treatments, monitors side effects, provides care and support
  • Pathologist – Studies your cells, tissues, and organs to identify cancer
  • Radiologist – Uses medical imaging technology to examine your internal organs and structures
  • Surgeon – Diagnose and removes your tumor and nearby tissue during an operation

Get assistance from our registered dietitians, social workers, psychologists, and therapists with your nutritional needs and coping with your cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Cancer Treatments We Offer

After a cancer diagnosis, you’ll meet with cancer specialists for a thorough review of your medical history and imaging tests. You and your doctors also will talk about how to treat your cancer. Depending on the type of cancer you have, you may need a combination of these treatments:

  • Chemotherapy – Kills or slows the growth of cancer cells throughout your body using medicine given by mouth or a vein (intravenous (IV) infusion)
  • Radiation therapy – Uses high-energy rays to destroy or shrink your cancer cells and stop them from spreading
  • Surgery – Removes your tumor

Advanced Radiation Therapy Technology

linear accelerator cancer treatmentReceive the same cancer care and advanced treatments at the UNC Lenoir Cancer Center that you’d find at major medical centers in North Carolina. When you need radiation therapy treatments, join other cancer patients in Kinston and surrounding communities who benefit from our sophisticated image-guided radiotherapy technology—TrueBeam® Linear Accelerator. This type of outpatient radiotherapy offers you quick, pinpoint accuracy to direct high-dose radiation at your tumor while avoiding damage to surrounding healthy tissue.


Your cancer treatment may use a single chemotherapy drug, a combination of several drugs, or chemotherapy together with radiation therapy. You’ll appreciate the compassionate care and support you get from our skilled oncology nurses certified in administering chemotherapy.

Inpatient Cancer Care

If you need hospitalization for cancer, you’ll benefit from the UNC Lenoir medical oncology unit. It has a team of highly skilled professionals trained in different areas of cancer to care for you. Expect a restful, healing atmosphere for treatment and recovery.

Cancer Resources & Support

You and your family will benefit from a wide range of cancer support services and resources at UNC Lenoir. Boost your mind and body during your cancer journey with:

For more information about programming available at the UNC Lenoir Cancer Center, call the social worker at 252-522-7600.

Cancer Resource Center

Find information and guidance during your fight against cancer at the UNC Lenoir Cancer Resource Center. As a regional cancer source of information, our Cancer Resource Center offers you free American Cancer Society educational materials. You’ll also learn more about cancer treatments, financial assistance options, community support programs, transportation solutions, and health advice. The American Cancer Society is available 24/7 to assist, call 1-800-227-2345 for assistance.

Cancer Screenings

Protect your health by getting screenings at Minges Wellness Center that help detect cancer early—when treatment can be most effective.

Support Cancer Care

Give a light on the Lights of Love Tree for a current or former cancer patient or donate to UNC Lenoir cancer services to help support your community cancer needs.

Contact Us

Learn more about cancer care services at UNC Lenoir Health Care, call 252-522-7600.

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